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Chen, 36, is a young woman after 95! Crushing the years is the right thing to do.

Chen, 36, is a young woman after 95! Crushing the years is the right thing to do.

These two days are "girlfriends 2" brush screen, watching the movie, I just want to say, when the sum of the three leading lady's age is more than 100, but we are still moved by the "girl" movie. Especially Chen yi han, the collagen of the whole face is about to overflow the screen! A baby face, a pair of big eyes, a sweet, sweet voice, the corners of the corners of the mouth laugh heartless, as if to melt all the haze in the world.

Four years "girlfriends 2: no 2 do not make" luxuriant regression, Chen implications of bush seemed to put on the part of the wedding dress, is really a fairy and beauty, the years didn't leave a mark on her body, is the accumulation of more green energy, more and more girls instead.

"Just give her beer, exercise and a book," Chen said. "her life is perfect." Her vigour came from every little thing in her life. Treat every small thing in your life with your heart. It's a ritual to boost your happiness.

Very lucky in the past during Paris fashion week, YOKA little sisters and the girl "girlfriends" to a time intimate contact, though the journey full of, but Chen implications are brimming with vigour, the afternoon sun shone on the girl's face, love to laugh really like saw an angel. The water spirit, fresh, like a "little sun" like the warmth of everyone's heart.Read more at:



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