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All You Need to Know About Promise Rings for Women

Promise rings are the one big step before engagement rings – they show a couple's devotion and commitment to each other, their love and dedication. Choosing a promise ring for the woman in your life can be a stressful experience. Especially if you don't really know what you're looking for.

What is a Promise Ring?

Many of you might know that promise rings generally represent commitment, but these rings have multiple meanings to them. They can signify future engagement. Or just a simple devotion to one another.

Promise Ring Etiquette

Promise types may not be the same thing as engagement rings, but they're not something that you give to someone just for fun. While there is no specific etiquette per say, we do have a few guidelines you can abide by:

You should be dating for at least a year
These are perfect if engagement rings are a little out of your budget
Use them to show a partner how serious you are
Perfect if neither of you is ready to be engaged yet
Be prepared for a larger commitment

Who Gives One?

Since there are so many meanings and uses of promise rings, there are many people who can give one as well! You can give one to yourself, a friend can give one, or most commonly, a romantic partner can give one. They don't need to be a symbol of romantic love as long as they show how much the other person means to you.

Just like the promise ring itself has become popular in the past decade, the way they're worn, purchased, presented, and styled have become trendy. If you want to know latest fashion trends of cheap promise rings, just visiting Lajerrio now!

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