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Gucci is Banking on Legal Protection

With New Iconography at Play, Gucci is Banking on Legal Protection

Italian fashion label Gucci is embedding its newfound iconography into consumers’ memories by way of an in-app game. As noted this past week by Luxury Daily, “Since taking the reins at Gucci, creative director Alessandro Michele has introduced a number of motifs such as bumblebees, snakes and various types of flora that have been incorporated into his designs. Quickly becoming the house’s signature, Gucci has used Mr. Michele’s imagery throughout its campaign promotions to present consumers with a consistent brand image as the label undergoes an aesthetic transformation.”

Well, Gucci is actually doing much more than incorporating the aforementioned symbols into mobile games and customizable bags, jackets, shoes, and other items. The Florentine design has taken to filing for legal protection to cover an array of the designs. In particular, in late July and early August Gucci filed to federally register eight designs as trademarks in the U.S., among them: “The design of a striped snake on a stripe containing three distinctive band of colors, the colors being blue, red, then blue;” “a horseshoe-shaped Dionysus design;” “a gold colored bee on top of a stripe containing three distinct bands of color with a red band in the middle of two blue bands;” a gold colored bee on a stripe containing three distinct bands of colors, the colors being green, red, then green;” “the design of a snake with stripes;” and “a tiger head,” among others

Gucci is seeking to register the aforementioned designs in classes (as trademarks as registered according to the classes of goods and services in which the registrant uses then) that range from handbags (class 18) to clothing and footwear, and in the case of the tiger head and the green and red bumblebee marks, in class 14, for use on watches and jewelry.

The applications join a number of other recent filings by Gucci and issued trademark registrations, such as those for the house’s varyingly stylized “GG” marks, including but not limited to the modified double “G” mark that Michele has been boldly employing since his creative directorial debut in early 2015. As The Telegraph’s Sarah Royce-Greensill noted this spring:

The double G monogram made an appearance in belt buckles in those first shows, and since then Michele has run with the theme, featuring it on accessories and clothing alongside other Gucci house codes such as the equestrian bit and red and green stripes. Statement made: the logo is back.

Of the reintroduction of the house’s logo, Michele has stated: “In the past, Gucci has been a bit ashamed of its logo, but it should be proud of it as an emblem of 95 years of history. The logo is an incredible powerful asset for Gucci and it should become as desirable as a leather bag.”

With the logo alive and kicking at the house of Gucci and the new and ongoing reliance on the various iconography for which Michele seems to so heavily favor, it should come as no surprise that the brand is working to protect these elements, and prevent others from utilizing them and thereby lessening their exclusivity.

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