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Thursday 31. Mayta 2018

A guide on international marriage registration

Foreign marriage refers to the legal behavior of Chinese citizens and foreigners or foreigners and foreigners to marry and remarry outside China.... Lue lisää


Monday 28. Mayta 2018

?How does marriage certificate photograph take good-looking

?Wedding registration photos are a testament to a new couple's marriage, and all couples want to feel beautiful and stylish. So, how does marriage... Lue lisää


Friday 25. Mayta 2018

??How to write a classic template on the cover of the wedding invitation

?China is a country of courtesy. As a kind of formal document, wedding invitation CARDS are more important for Chinese couples to reflect their... Lue lisää


Wednesday 23. Mayta 2018

Buy wedding ring notes.

Online wedding ring has now become a lot of new people to buy a wedding ring the best channels, online the price of the ring is also accounted for... Lue lisää


Monday 21. Mayta 2018

The specific process of the contact

(1) get up early and get ready. ??The wedding day is very busy, and the bride and groom get up early to prepare for the coming day. ??(2)... Lue lisää


Thursday 17. Mayta 2018

The western wedding process preside the important details of the romantic western wedding ceremony.

?Western-style wedding is one of many modern young people favor form of wedding, want to hold a perfect romantic western-style wedding, the couple... Lue lisää


Tuesday 15. Mayta 2018

What certificate remarriage registration is required to share?

Some couples register for divorce on the spur of the moment because of some conflicts, and they feel regretful or nostalgic about their... Lue lisää


Saturday 12. Mayta 2018

?Creative personality wedding planning scheme gives you an unforgettable wedding

?A perfect wedding for the new couple is very much expected, and the following is a creative wedding plan that will give you an unforgettable... Lue lisää


Thursday 10. Mayta 2018

?How to maintain wedding dress to avoid maintenance mistake?

Even though the wedding dress is worn once in a lifetime, it is a testament to their marriage that it needs to be treasured. So how to maintain the... Lue lisää


Tuesday 08. Mayta 2018

?Analysis of documents required for foreign - related divorce procedures.

Foreign divorce is different from the general divorce, there are some special chengdu etc., so what are the foreign divorce procedures, what... Lue lisää