Fish Executioner

Urho | 18.01.2009 | Dark Metal

Vesipöhö iskee akvaariossa ja tarvitaan teloitus.

8.00   484 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

Insalubrious puffing of a fish
Hope it's not contagious
This aquatic life must be put to an end
Call forth the Fish Executioner

Flash of the knife, on top of a pizza box
Divide the fish into two
Eyes and mouth slowly open and close
Even after the mutilation

Fish Executioner!
Death to be done on this blasphemous day
Fish Executioner!
Face of the dead fish will never go away

Unceremoniously into trash
But the spirit remains to haunt
Fear for the day when it returns from the dead
And traps you into a net

Two fish halves on top of a pizza box
Motion not yet ending
Electric impulses or proof of afterlife?
Never know for sure



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