A Conversation Between Father And Son

Tremolo At Jimmys | 04.01.2009 | R'n'B

Vaikea sanoa mitään, itse vieläkin niin henkisessä pilvessä broidin tuottajan- ja muusikontaidoista, ettei sanoja biisin kuvailemiseen löydy. Letkeä. Makee.

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Hey I know that you are there
I can hear your breath on line.
yesterday I came over
and you waved me goodbye.
I know that you weren't sober enough
to even catch my words.
But as I said to you
I'm heading now to the church.

I guess it's just fine.

Have you been allright
I've heard stories in town?
They said you drank white light
and acted like a goddamn clown.
I said I don't want to know what you said
and I don't want to hear it now.
There can be no excuse for you
and what you have done.

I know you are hating me
for saying this out loud like this
but I've got no other words.
It is just something too much to conceive
I am so confused and I too miss
your in-safe-keeping alerts.

Are you getting over it
I'm considering I've got time.
And I wonder all the shit
that came out from inside.
Son and father chatting
that couldn't lead to anything bad?
But as I'm thinking now
it always did just that.

I guess it's just fine.

Hey are you still there
I hear no trembling on the line?
I'll come over tomorrow
will you wave me goodbye?
I hope there'll be a reason
for us two to talk again
by the way it's the summer season
and I have a new girlfriend

It's just fine.


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