The Props | 10.03.2007 | Indie

EP:n toinen kipale. Melankolista voimapoppia, joku on joskus verrannut tätä Negativeenkin! (?)
Varoitus: sisältää intertekstuaalisen viittauksen The Belovedin Sweet Harmony kappaleeseen.

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In a single moment you tore my world
In to a million pieces
And I think I should be grateful
Although it ain't so nice

To see you standing there
And you seem to be so calm
But should it really matter
If I told you to…

Run, just go away
Don't try to hurt yourself just for your own sake
And you will shout at the

World, as you go with the flow again
A bittersweet disharmony is always enough for you
Always enough for you

A subtle way of telling you
That you're the on to blame
For all these misunderstandings
And I want you to know

That you're the beautiful one
And I can never reach you
But should it really matter
If I told you to…


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