The Gift Of Life 19.11.2018


I made a song called Elämän lahja for the Mikseri joululaulukisa in 2017. That version can still be found in the Poop Dilan-project. For the international market I made an English version, sung by Miira. That version was not released in Mikseri then, but it is now released, because the subject fits this Christmas time.

Music & lyrics: Syvis
Vocals: Miira

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Light Rock

A Life To Live 13.03.2018


Useless to stay waiting for retirement or divine sign, start your life here and today.

Music & lyrics: Syvis
Vocals: Syvis & Miira

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Not That Good 26.02.2018


This song is dedicated to Saara Aalto, who has also partly inspired this story, as well as other gifted and original artists who have not received the appreciation they deserve because of the fact that they have not fit into a certain commercial mold of record companies or some of their bosses. She has also been told that she should not be too diverse. Fortunately, he was not discouraged and didn't give up her own style, but found appreciation from abroad - and finally she can perform as her real self on a big international arena, that is, in Eurovision song contest.

Thanks to Miira for...

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One (Acoustic Version) 28.01.2018


The original version is more rocky, but Miira's voice did not come to its full potential in it. Miira later made a better vocal track but it was not used because it would not have changed much. Then one day while watching Idols, I had an idea that this song should be performed with the accompaniment of the acoustic piano. On a foreign forum, in the original version, Miira's voice and singing style were compared to the Carnberries vocalist Dolores O'Riordan. Since Dolores died a while ago, this version is dedicated to her memory.

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Just For One Day 04.09.2017


In life, you should have fun and be free from everyday bonds, even one day. Great thanks again to Mira, who takes care of the vocals like she had sung this song all his life.

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Aulangolla 11.02.2018


Originally intended for Suomi 100-laulukisaan, which was then left without a real singer. Now I decided to sing this with my downbeat and modest vocal skills. NaNa mentioned this song as one inspiration for his OBK2018 song and I rewarded her for a backing singer position in this version. And she sings magnificiently raising this song high above Aulangonjärvi, covering my worst deficiencies at the same time, big thanks to her! More of her voice can be heard here:

Music, lyrics & vocals: Syvis
Background vocals: NaNa (+ Cantus VST)


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A New Page 20.02.2017


Song was inspired by a strong feeling experienced during a Sunday walk about a new opportunity life has given.I hope it brings positive feelings, although containing some of the clichés of the genre. Miira's singing is really touching and beautiful, she really takes the song as her own. Thanks Miira for the unforgettable interpretation of my vision!

Video available here:

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Kaunis maailma 23.07.2017


Summer 2017. Thanks to Miira for her excellent interpretation.

Video here:

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Miss You So Much feat. Miira 04.01.2017


The year 2017 has started with musical collaboration and here is its fresh pearl when beautiful-voiced Miira agreed to sing my 10 year old song. And the end result, IMO, is fantastic including the amazing backing voices. Thank you, Miira! Her own nice music can be found also in Mikseri :

Video available here:

Positive feedback for the song also on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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The Greatest Pop of All 14.05.2017


Heartbeat is the life-sustaining force, the greatest pop, which we all get to hum and enjoy our time of life. Miira sang vocal parts and great thanks to her, especially for that heavenly angelic choir, as a result of which the letter "B" is forbidden.

The song was originally written in 2009, inspired by my songwriter god Paddy McAloon.

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Thrash Metal

The Sin Of Gluttony 20.01.2018


This is the vision of Syvis how the 'Till Meat Do Us Part' -trilogy could have ended - namely, exorcism of the kebab spirit out of the body of the woman who was guilty of the deadly sin of meat gluttony, ordered by her saladbiting husband. Well, Miira was quicker to end the trilogy earlier with her little bit lighter song Back To Your Cooking ( But here is the poppy misstep of Syvis to thrash metal.

Music & Lyrics: Syvis
Voices: Syvis, Miira & Voices of Rage

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Light Rock

Pölytän sut 2018 03.03.2018


Years ago I made lyrics to Make Vahtola instrumental Oodi siitepölyallergialle ( and Make performed it with my arrangement ( I also made a little more faster arrangement at that time, but it was not used. Now with my voice I made a vocal track that might not meet the release standards of this project, but because this was made so...

Music: Make Vahtola
Lyrics, arrangement and vocals: Syvis

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The Hiding Place 09.08.2017


Another summer 2017 production. More artistic and atmospheric song this time. Big thanks for the vocals once more to Miira, who managed this challeinging task in amazingly quickly.

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Myths of the Raging Seas 10.02.2017


This song was born from collaboration trial with Miira, the intention was to make "a celtic song', both of us took part in both music and lyrics. Miira sang and I did the arrangement. Not bad outcome on the first attempt.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user forum:

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Light Rock

Don't Wake Up The Monster 30.09.2017


After a long time under work, the song eventually became a duet of two different melodies.

Music & Lyrics & Arrangement: Syvis
Vocals: Miira & Syvis

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The Unforgettable Night 28.05.2017


A story about an unforgettable night which was already forgotten the next morning.

Music & Lyrics Syvis & MIira
Arrangement: Syvis
Vocals: Miira
Other voices: Syvis

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Zest For Life 09.06.2017


Pop-country song which tells about losing the zest of life and then finding it again. Miira sings her vocal parts again as easily as any experienced country singer.

The song has got very good feedback on the Band-in-a-box user forum:
The maker of the the program has also shared the song on their Facebook page::

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Light Rock

One 28.04.2017


How many of us wish more likes for the facebook updates, follow the songs listening counters on or videos watching counters on YouTube. And you would like to have more followers without enough appreciation to a loyal commentator who has found you among thousands of others. On the other hand, you can actually be the one for someone. Hope this song will awaken to appreciate small words that can be of great importance to someone.T hanks again to Mira for a wonderful singing and a careful finetuning. At first I suspected that this song would not fit her voice, but I no longer want...

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Olen sulle ilmaa 10.04.2017


A little different style this time, Asian Bollywood/weed music. Some people are like an addiction, they take all your energy, but you still you have to be in their company. Miira created a Finnish song track with cunning oriental backing vocals. She also influenced the lyrics with many good ideas.

The song has got good reception at Band-in-a-box user forum, despite the Finnish language:

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Comfort 20.03.2017


Big dreams and reality do not always meet, but comfort can be shared in low doses. Vocals by RnAM-duo.

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Blues Rock

Till Meat Do Us Part (Greasy Mix) 30.03.2017


Genuine and original Syvis and Miira meaty product can be found here: not to have a mere copy in this project, here is a little greasier version of the product.

Music & Lyrics: Syvis & MIira
Arrangement & MIx: Syvis
Vocals: MIira

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You Made The Tide Turn 01.03.2017


This song was originally composed in 1987. Lyrics were written for a Vocaloid Avanna version in 2012. And now finally a version with a real vocalist, once again Miira did a great performance. I even had to completely change my intended arrangement to a more acoustic one to better match her smooth voice.

Also video available:

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The Overview Effect 10.01.2017


The idea for this song came from a thought to watch the Earth from space, then all the wars would seem senseless compared to the uniqueness of our planet. A little later I read that there is a name for this experience: overview effect. And now this song rises even higher on the orbit, when Miira sings it with her heavenly voice.

Video available here:

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Law Of Attraction 18.01.2017


I consider this one of my finest compositions. This time I dared to give this for Miira to sing. I did not expect that this would be so hard, but Miira did an incredibly great job and finally got everything to work perfectly, one of the note had to be lowered, but now it is even better. The lyrics is kind of new-age fluff, but it is nice to write something very positive for a while. Miira contributed also to the lyrics with a few improved lines. I could mix this for the rest of my life, and I still would not be satisfied, but now that I don't find anything really bothering me, it may be a...

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Olutaaria 25.01.2017


This song to Mikseri's Drinking Song 2017 contest. Thanks for the visiting singer Ville Kotiranta. Chorus melody came to me in a dream, a guy put a ear worm into the player. Then, in a dream I sang it with enthusiasm until I woke up and the next 2 hours I could not sleep and the melody was playing in my head all the time. Maybe I stole it from someone who knows. But now it is also your nuisance :-)

English version in SoundCloud:

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Täydellinen nainen 06.10.2016


This song was born from a dream, in which I played the chorus of this song with acoustic guitar to a member of a girl band at the Tampere Railway Station :-) Vocals by Marko Toivonen.

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When The Curtains Fall 08.11.2016


For some songs, I have received comments that they sound like a Bond movie theme. Well, from that I got an idea to imagine what would happen if I really were given a task to compose a Bond theme. This is the end result. RnAM duo took care of the vocals, once more.

Feedback on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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Lonely Days Of Destiny 12.09.2016


I had a dream in which I had made a song called Lonely Days Of Destiny. I heard couple of bars from this country song in the dream. I felt that I had to make it for real, but otherwise I had free hands to do it. And here it is, reconstructed from this minimal input data.

Vocals were provided by RnAM, once again.

Laulusuorituksen tarjoisi taas kerran RnAM.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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The Everlasting Summer 23.06.2016


To Kesäviisu 2016 contest, a majestic ballad to celebrate the summer solstice and its age-old importance for mankind with its magic and rituals. But on the other hand transience of its everlasting feeling. Cool vocals produced once again by the RnAM duo.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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A Traveler 22.08.2016


I tried to write something with more progressive flavour. Reminiscence in the future father away from the dark side of the moon. Vocals again by RnAM duo, child choir done with Vocaloids.

You can vote for this song in Mikserin Paras Biisi 2016 contest.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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Viimeinen laulu 08.02.2016


Story about last moments of a human life. Suuri balladi 2016 kisa-song.

Music and lyrics: Syvis Entertainment
Vocals: Marko Toivonen (and Cantus VST)

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Pitkä kylmä talvi 23.10.2009


Story about cold winter of human relationships and the guilt caused by it. Images aroused by the movie March Of The Penguins and the fate of the lost penguin.

Thanks to Marko Toivonen for vocals

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Wine Red 20.03.2016


My Red Wine song contest entry. English version, original Finnish version can be found at Pop No Harm-project .( Vocals by RnAM duo (see their new website http://www.wesingyours...)

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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All Is Wonderful 25.04.2016


Nowadays, you can not tell a joke without someone being offended. Or give honest feedback. Or tell about your problems to another without being impolite. So best just to tell how your own life, your friend, or all in general is simply wonderful. Well, this song most likely will offend someone.

Vocals again by RnAM duo.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user forum:

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Cold Long Winter 24.11.2015


This song now finally in English with a real vocalist and the 2015 mix. A story about cold winter in a relationship and the guilt caused by it. Inspired partly also by the movie March Of The Penguins and the fate of the lost penguin.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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What I Miss About You 31.01.2016


Waiting and longing feel like eternity. Between them there could be a short moment of happiness which you can always recall although it hurts... I hired vocals from a dutch singer-songwriter duo RnAM. Chordlyricvideo on YouTube:

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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The Last Time I Cried After A Woman 14.12.2015


Story built around couple of childhood memories. 2015 mix version. The vocalist hired also this time from Supreme Tracks.

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Haluaisin taivasta kanssasi 08.02.2016


This song was inspired by a movie line which eventually evolved into a story about loneliness and lack of appreciation of gods.

Music & lyrics: Syvis Entertainment
Vocals: Marko Toivonen

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En koskaan 18.01.2016


This song was composed already in 1997, the lyrics had only the chorus then , finally in 2015 I wrote the rest. Big thanks to Marko Toivonen for lead vocals, soulful voice needed a soulish arrangement compared to the original. Backing vocals by Vocaloids.

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Lonely Nights 31.12.2015


Emptying the archive at the end of 2015, i.e., the most recent vocal performance hired from Supreme Tracks. Probably not the best Syvis production, but surely one of the most descriptive about missed opportunities of life, aka blues.

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A Game Of Chess 09.05.2016


Gloomy lament about falling into temptation of life, like walking into a trap in a chess game. Vocals by RnAM duo.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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Waiting For The Reaper Man 15.11.2015


"Life is hard and then you die" type of blues moaning about waiting for the harvest time. Vocals by Supreme Tracks. Vido available at YouTube

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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Too Kind 08.11.2015


This song was inspired by a dream in which I was dating a famous man-eater and people were saying that it won't last. And it didn't because I woke up ;-) Vocals hired from Supreme Tracks.

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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Seven Seas Of Solitude 20.09.2015


Song from year 2008 now with a real singer (vocals hired from Supreme Tracks). Partial inspiration from the bible: "The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor" [Genesis 4:4-5]

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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A Fading Love Song 22.03.2015


Composed at the beginning of 2015, inspired by the dark winter. Singer was rented from Supreme Tracks service. Video available at:

Discussion thread for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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I Should Have Lied 01.06.2015


Sometimes it could be better even lie than to keep silent and avoid difficult subjects. A song from year 2010, now with a new mix and the singer hired from Supreme Tracks. Video for the song available also:

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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The Theory Of Everything 15.02.2015


This song would fit into The Artist Never Known As Prince project, but let it be here, because I rented the singer from SupremeTrack, not bad at all - soulful and expensive. Video inspired by the Valentine's Day can be found at YouTube:

Discussion thread for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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I Threw You Out feat. Melissa 16.11.2014


I hired the singer for this song ( May be not worth the price, but at least she has somewhat more pleasant voice than a Vocaloid singer...

Feedback for the song on the Band-in-a-box user showcase forum:

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Pitkä kylmä talvi (instrumental) 22.10.2009


Instrumental version of Cold Long Winter

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Pitkä kylmä talvi (Spring Mix) 08.06.2014


Arkistojen kätköistä löytyi tämä äärimmäisen riisuttu miksaus. Taisin vähän leikkiä Melodynellä, laulun "korjailut" ovat enemmän tai vähemmän onnistuneita eivätkä tuoneet puuttuvia s-kirjaimia.

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Rannalla 06.04.2014


To Make Vahtola instrumental ( with my lyrics and arrangement, sung by Make himself.

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Ensilumenmaa 15.08.2011


Music: ex-mikseri Lazy Jake
Lyrics and arrangement for PC: Syvis Entertainment
Vocals: Marko Toivonen
Guitars (except steel) and bass: Mika Salonranta
You can prepare for the coming winter by listening to this beautiful melody by Lazy Jake. I have written lyrics to the original instrumental Ensimmäinen talvipäivä and given more bombastic arrangement. Also the composer himself plays in this version. Marko's impassioned interpretation finalizes the work, big thanks to him.

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I Couldn't Care Less Anymore 12.07.2010


Lazy Jaken kappaleensanoitettu versiointi.
Sävel: Lazy Jake
Sanat. Syvis Entertainment
Ja enää tarvitaan Julie London-klooni laulamaan!

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Light Rock

Saviour 13.12.2007


Song originally intended for a soundtrack of a movie, which was never finished. This arrangement is from 2015.

Vocals: Clasu

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My Country Home 30.08.2010


Lazy Jaken säveltämän kappaleen My Country Home sanoitettu versiointi.
Sävel: Lazy Jake
Sanat ja Sovitus PC:lle: Syvis Entertainment
A Johnny Cash-clone is needed for a singer!

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