Too Kind

Syvis & Friends | 08.11.2015 | Pop

This song was inspired by a dream in which I was dating a famous man-eater and people were saying that it won't last. And it didn't because I woke up ;-) Vocals hired from Supreme Tracks.

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Too kind (2007)

Am I too sound?
am I just playing too small bets?
Am I too safe?
am I too scared of upsets?
I don't risk
to avoid regrets,
I'm happy with a small delight
but you could choose
a stud who can excite.

I have heard about all those guys you've left behind
I'm next whispers say because you're fickle and I'm so kind.
I don't dominate your world, I'm not the alpha male
every night the same blue dream
how you had set your sail on a sperm whale.

Am I too tame?
like a cat, domesticated, mild?
Am I too soft?
Am I your comfort-loving child?
I don't prey
hunt in the wild,
if I'm not a lion every night
does that make you look for
lustier men in sight?


Am I too kind?
am I too saintly behaving?
Am I too nice?
am I predictably boring?
I'm thoughtful, polite
I hate fighting
I take out garbage and I mop
hence you could walk
away from this milksop.



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