The Sin Of Gluttony

Syvis & Friends | 20.01.2018 | Thrash Metal

This is the vision of Syvis how the 'Till Meat Do Us Part' -trilogy could have ended - namely, exorcism of the kebab spirit out of the body of the woman who was guilty of the deadly sin of meat gluttony, ordered by her saladbiting husband. Well, Miira was quicker to end the trilogy earlier with her little bit lighter song Back To Your Cooking ( But here is the poppy misstep of Syvis to thrash metal.

Music & Lyrics: Syvis
Voices: Syvis, Miira & Voices of Rage

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Eat eat all you can eat
salty, bitter, sour and sweet
at the abundance buffet
there's no limit
fill up your tray.

Visit visit your local deli
stretch stretch stretch your belly
bounce bounce bounce like jelly.
savor savor receive your grease
run run against decease
be be be obese
The sin of gluttony, a road to agony
The sin of gluttony, a road to agony.
The sin of gluttony, a road to agony.
The sin of gluttony, a road to agony.

Wolf wolf wolf like a beast
party, banquet, indulge and feast
empty the grail, the paradise tree
the horn of plenty
bon appetit.

Visit visit...

Exorcist: "I command you, the spirit of kebab
now attacking the servant of vegetables
I compel you in the name of Our Lord to leave this woman's body
and go back to hell from where you once came
tell me by some sign your name, and the day and hour of your departure."

Woman screaming: "never never never never neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer"

Your body is the temple of the holy
- I want to sacrfice it in the name of ravioli
Do not follow Lucifer's receipt
- meat of kebab, that is my treat
Kneel to your god, confess your deadly sin
- I want to lick ribs under the skin
We've been created as the image of our Lord
-I invite Him to this smorgasbord
He will send you to the burning hell
-if the grill is hot there, I want to swell.


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Windywalk 20.01.2018
Tää lopullinen miksaus teki mut nälkäiseksi, joten pizzaa ostamaan, ja se on sitte sellanen jossa on kinkku, salami, kebabliha, jauheliha ja pepperoni triplana! Ihan järjetön luomus, kolahtaa kyllä mun huumoriin, ei voi kun nauraa :)
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