The Overview Effect

Syvis & Friends | 10.01.2017 | Pop

The idea for this song came from a thought to watch the Earth from space, then all the wars would seem senseless compared to the uniqueness of our planet. A little later I read that there is a name for this experience: overview effect. And now this song rises even higher on the orbit, when Miira sings it with her heavenly voice.

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I can see the lights
from a distance
from the orbit
It's a humbling experience to see
the overview effect.

But I don't see the cause for neglect
heedless of her worth
Lift up your spirit and pause
take a look on Earth.

I have seen the wars
the destruction of the forests.
I have realized
uniqueness sculpted in
our sphere of life.


There won't come a second chance
no place to start over
I wish I'll get one more glance
at the skyscrapers in the clouds.

I can see one man
can't distinguish any borders
I can feel the love
for the land of fellowship
the soil of nurturing.



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Tackle 23.08.2017
Toimii toimii ja toimii. Tätä oli kiva kuunnella näin loppuillan ratoksi. Maapallo pyörii mielessä.
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Felix N 14.01.2017
Tätäkin kuunnellessa mieli lepää. Hieno sävellys tyylikkäällä ja vivahteikkaalla sovituksella. Kitaroiden osalta soitto ”helmeilee” mukavasti ja viulut tuovat oman lisänsä. Laulutulkinta jälleen aivan poikkeuksellisen upea, täynnä lämpöä ja tunnetta.
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