All Is Wonderful

Syvis & Friends | 25.04.2016 | Funk

Nowadays, you can not tell a joke without someone being offended. Or give honest feedback. Or tell about your problems to another without being impolite. So best just to tell how your own life, your friend, or all in general is simply wonderful. Well, this song most likely will offend someone.

Vocals again by RnAM duo.

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I've been taught to say
that I am fine
they ask me How are you?
I say I am fine, on the cloud nine.
Talking superficial things
not deep or shattering
just flattering chattering.

Say all, all is wonderful
all, all is wonderful
smile, be positive
turn a blind eye
and forgive
never tell that it is not ok.

They say I should
never criticize
They say my heritage
I should disguise culturewise.
Hiding religous signs
opinions, ironic lines
the outer shine
the heart of mine.

Say all...

One day you're eating freedom fries
the past is bright when the media rectifies
people don't die, they just pass away
deceased or challenged, black or gay
humor offending, cruel to tell
for an infidel.

They say I should praise
without a cause
they show me signs when I
should give applause or stomp aloud.
A puppet filled with superlatives
taboos, swear words exclusive
political correctness.

Say all...


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rikuvee 21.10.2016
Loooove boat!!!
Aivan mahtavaa ja kyllä, loukkaannuin noista sanoista koska elämä ei voi olla ihmeellistä.
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Rigby 25.04.2016
Tyylikäs biisi, tykkään tästä pehmeästä soundista. Hyvää chillausmusaa.
+2   +1 +2