Peeping Tom

Seppo Mouses Band | 13.01.2008 | Hard Rock

The B-side of 'Legend of Ed Sauls'. Chock-full of signature SMB snafu-metal madness!

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(Seppo/Mouses/Ravage 2008)

Kick it off with a pint of sherry
Feel the rush - dysantery
He won't give a damn now can't you see
Wearing leather and feeling sleazy
Believe me he'll make you crazy
Break the Bristol Scale and be like me

A day will come when your paths will cross again
A day will come when you will sing

Smile funky brother
This ain't God
Will hurt you when no other
Would dare to raise his arm
Any time he'll break in
Embassador of sin
Rollin' on strong
Comes the Peeping Tom

Speedfreak with a dirty story
Naked streak through fields of glory
Let the vultures come to pick you clean
Santa died when you stopped believing
Silent night he brings you greeting
Wraps you up in boxes piece by piece

Ask me now why real beauty is so scarce
Cataract lies in beholder's eyes

Behind your window pane
The tunes of sick refrain
When you turn to run
Awaits you with his gun


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