Soft Night Satin

Pretentious Delusion | 25.11.2009 | Rock
8.67   529 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

Satin soft night and she lies in her bed
burning black mascara running down to her neck, a little girl in gashes
Could you really stay here when something’s coming in the air, breathe it
walk inside the haze and feel the kiss of the dark oh I love it

The chill runs to my bones why can’t I catch my breath
Do I really feel this on my skin or just inside my head

She heard a sudden whisper you’re my fragile little angel
lost in the depth
Don’t turn their cruel world into your oblivion

Satin soft night and the time doesn’t run at all
something tells her nothing can make her fall, not anymore
“Where I come from ain’t the place for you but I do promise
when the time is right I’ll come back for you my goddess”

She doesn’t know what brought him there thru the coldest winter night
But from now on she will sence him in every morninglight


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