Dark Days

Pop No Harm | 15.07.2016 | Rock

Näin unta bändistä, joka hajosi ennen kuin sai levytyssopimuksen. Kuulin bändin demon kappaleesta Dark Days, joka oli mielestäni ehdottomasti levyttämisen arvoinen. Unessa biisi oli enemmän grungea, mutta tässä Syviksen näkemys aiheesta.

Vokaalit: Vocaloid DEX

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Kappaleen sanat

At the beginning, we felt hot
after the big bang, I still loved you a lot.
The universe expands
I have learned it by heart
you said it thousand times
when we grew apart.

Dark days
full of dark energy
that pushes us away
from each other
to the blurred outskirts of space.
Dark days
the pressure is negative
the hopeless struggle against
the guardian of
the Great Attractor of love.

I saw the symptoms of decay
after the rapture, I still begged you to stay.
The entropy increased
you warned me to mind the gap
no bridge across the rift
on your stellar map.

Dark days...

You are a tiny satellite
exploring cosmic sights
unknown, new frontiers
like those Pioneers.
Once the light of my sky
now a distant probe
a shrinking dot in my telescope.
Through the interstellar dust
you have your wanderlust
and when the last photon fully disappears
beyond the Milky Way
it's going to be a very dark day.

Dark days...

I recall the moment when a glimpse of sunlight played the romance in your hair
but can't recall the clouds near the particle horizon hiding our flare
shall it burn at the eternal return?


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