Morg | 14.11.2005 | Thrash Metal

Return to the Soilin päätöskappale. Thrashballadieepos. Ensin keskitempoa, sitten mättöä. Ja kyllä, koko demolla on vähän diskanttivoittoiset soundit, koittakaa kestää.

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Kappaleen sanat

Wading through the forest when the pale moon glows
All I can see are my own footprints in the snow
No human dares to set foot in here
No stranger stumbles into the woods I hold dear
I am alone in here, tranquil is my mood
I am alone with my beloved solitude
Once living amongst the mankind so vain
Grown tired of hypocrisy I've turned my back on them

Wading through the forest with wolves by my side
These creatures never lie, they helped me to decide
To leave the human world behind
To seek asylum here and free my mind
As one with the earth I've found my home
The somber winter landscape is mine to roam
When I am one with the night
Even darkness doesn't mean absence of light

And when my time is set
He will appear
I will face him then
With no fear
I will not bow to him
Try as he might
I take the reaper by the hand
And lead him to a new

Far beyond evil
No darkness in my sights
I am to no man equal
For I have the might
Follow the path
The trail of a thousand souls
Hear the wolves howling
Your destiny I hold

Primitive Evil
Your mind deceiving
Into the earth I'll return
Soon you too will Yearn

Pain is but a glimpse
Of the reality
I see all around me
My corpse begins to freeze
I'm lost inside myself
You I compel
Fight the will to die
Through your soul I cry

Primitive Evil
The Darkness Deceiving
The fires of Hell Burn
Now I Yearn

Surrounded by darkness
Trees whisper their song
Running and Bleeding
Is there escape for my soul
Deep under the Wasteland
My Destiny unfolds
My eyes grow too blind to see
What is yet to come

The sky above me
Or hell beneath
I hear the howl
That's Calling Me
Through the darkness
Wading quietly
Returning to the soil
To a slumber I heed


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Painshock 14.11.2005
helkkarin kiva pätkä, rumpusaundit on vähän haudantakaset, mut niin pitääkin olla.
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