Last autumn (solitude)

Menial | 25.01.2012 | Metal

Brief goodbyes demon viimeinen raita.

Säv/San: M. Jussila
Sov: Menial

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LAST AUTUMN (solitude)
(Jussila, vänskä / Jussila / Menial)

“…I should be strong
cold white converging
wear me out
I have walked over the line,
(that) never disappears

Screaming… no one near“

My heart is beating this
senseless melody
my life to be enslaved
it is meant to be broken

Wind is nothing but a cold friend
Frost, my solitude for life
Taking down the last that’s beautiful
Do I really have something more to give for an old friend?

My eyes are seeing these
senseless images
my life to be buried
it is meant to be still

"Corrode the bark to shield this broken tree”

My last dance with the leaves as they fall with the wind

"..Face of obstinacy feeding lies to me
lies keep me here for no reason
keep me waiting for something’s not there..
circle spinning for it’s own purpose
an oval sphere that has no end..”

"Suffering will take us to the next level..."


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