Power Metal

Fight 09.11.2019


This foreign land, is not worth the conquest.
But who am i to say, i´m just a foot soldier.
I long back to home. I miss my wife and kids.
Yet here i still remain. My orders i will obey. To death.

A piece of land, we didn´t need in the first place.
Is it really worth our lives? Those power hungry fools,
Just want more gold in their chests.
All i need and all i ever wanted, was peace not a bloody war.
I fight for my family. I fight for my home.

So i´ll fight straight from the heart. And i fight to survive it all.
Tonight! We fight with swords and steel. Blood spills, We will be...

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Doom Metal

Raving Hell 29.10.2019



Can you feel your heart, bouncing round and round.
Like a huge time bomb, ready to explode.
Trying to find your place, that´s never to be found.
Feeling overwhelmed , by this puzzle you can´t solve.

Life is raving hell, just raise your head and yell. (FUCK ALLL!)
There´s no happiness. Just torment and distress. That´s all

So don´t you force a laugh, don´t even smile.
Unless that´s for disgust, then be my guest.
They show their sympathies, but we don´t need their lies.
So will you come with me, we show our request.

We just want, raving hell! Just scream in pain! lookout!...

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Psychedelic Rock

Conclusions 25.10.2018



Give yourself some credit, you're still alive to hear this song.
This theatre is still running, i cannot end the show.
Every human is a miracle, Every child is pure as gold.
We're special in our own ways. Our weak sides makes us strong.

It doesn't matter what i do, my actions won't matter if
no one else cares. This planet is dying for our sins..

Peace is just a unicorn, Blink of hope that won´t come true.
And love is just an excuse, it will hide away the truth.
Silently i´m screaming, my thoughts can´t make a sound.
I try to be a good guy, but it´s easier to hate.


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To My Son 24.10.2018


Laulu rakkaalle esikoispojalleni. :)
Song for my dear firstborn son.

You are my son, i am your dad.
We are as one, our bond lasts forevermore.
I see you grow, i am so proud.
You are my life, you are my everything and more.

this song is for my son, i love you.

You´re still young,so wild and free.
I see you smile, it gets my mood so high.
This world is cold and full of sin.
I try to keep you safe and teach to live this life.

I´ll try to stick around, for as long as i can...

This is my song, for you my little boy. I love you, my son, i love you. always..

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Holy Ghost 16.07.2016



. I am no one, i am unreal. I'm just a story.
Still you believe that i'm everywhere, even inside your head.
I had a son once, well that's what they say,
but it seems you let him die in vain.

You and your holy wars!
You kill all in my name and you think it's okay.

It's needless to say, my words were misunderstood (used as a slaughter tool)
Still they all pray, my acceptance or forgivness..
Why should i help, to delay your own doom (humans are so fools)
All i can say is "what have you done my children?"

I gave you a weapon, you call morality. So why don't you use it.
You think...

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Hard Rock

Liar 14.07.2016



I cannot keep my promises, i'm full of lies.
I am selfish, I am mean.
I know that someday i will die, but no one will cry.
I'm devil's child, eternal liar.

Drown me into the sea.
Throw me into the fire.
Brainwash me if you please,
I'm still always a liar.

This was the last time darling i swear, just give me one chance.
I almost believe my own damn lies.
It's so easy but so wrong, like living in trance.
I cannot stop, i'm on fire! NOW!

Drown me into the sea.
Throw me into the fire.
Brainwash me if you please,
I'm still always a liar.

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Alternative Rock

Cheerful Song 11.03.2015



Can you see? it's not only me, who has lost his way, in this world we're in.
I have dreams, but so have you. It's not a sin, to be a daydreaming fool.

I might fall apart next year or tonight. But it won't change a thing.

We are so small, but still we rule the world, It's just our way so, selfish and cruel.
Listen my voice, do i sound happy to you. Just look at this world, then you'll feel it too.

Eternal war, or endless peace, it's just won't change a thing..

Run for your lives, hide while you can, but it won't keep you safe if there's nuclear war.
It won't change a thing...

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Henna 24.12.2014


A christmas present for my fiance, hope she likes it!


I never knew she was there. Hoping that i could be hers.
Watching my every step. She was far, but so near.
I was the love of her life, but she never said it out loud.
So many years and countless times, she tried.

I just can't believe, she was in love with me.
I felt same way, but i was so young back then.
I just needed to see, what she meant to me.
Now i'm older and i hope i know what i'm doing yeyey..

Henna you know, i am real? Just give me one kiss, and you'll see..
We are together at last, we are chained, yet we're free....

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Heavy Metal

Just another Song 30.11.2014


Long Time No temples to mark. =)

Here is a new song for you!

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Hard Rock

Rockstar 12.02.2014


Ode to Free Heart


I was young and free, my friend and i had this big dream of a rock band.
Didn't know how to play, so i did it my way.
My brother played the drums. He was like a greatest rockstar drumming our ears off.
Our hearts were free, so the band name came free heart. Now.

I'm just a singer in a rock'n'roll band.
My dreams came true this is all i wanna do now.
I'm going to sing as long as i can,
and there is no one who can stop me now!
Not a single one.,

There is many things in my life that i regret, but not this, i mean it.
Sometimes it still feels hard, but that's what...

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This Journey PT.VII (The End?) 06.02.2014


Uuuden "The Temple OF Doom" Demon viimeinen raita, joka on myös samalla this journey tarinan päätös raita!


Kiitokset chardhrosille äänitys avusta!

Drums: Chardhros

I woke up in the morning, i was in sleep. How did this happen to me again?
Or is this a dream, after all, and I was awake before? It feels that everything is a lie.
(just a lie)

Dancing alone in an empty madhouse, maybe i am insane?
I'm waiting for melinda and her friends.
Are they alive, or are they even there? maybe they're inside my head?
I think that this is the end of the play?

I know that this is the...

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Alternative Rock

Nothing Is Worth Living 11.02.2014



Time slowly slowly, fell away out of me.
What do we need so that we could be completely living?
I am fading away. I am lonely, i am only
one here on this earth. I am human been, without a meaning.

All those pointless phrases and citations, i'm getting angry!
Social network and the media is turning corrupted, people are hungry.
Killing is everyday business and it's more tolerable!
Beware! Someone is always watching what you're doing. you cannot hide anymore!

I'm practising to live this life step by step. But it's harder than i thought it would be.
So now i am just a drunk living...

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Heavy Metal

The Temple Of Doom 05.02.2014


Uuden "The temple of doom" demon toinen raita!

Kiitoksia Chardhrosille äänitysavusta

Drums by: Chardhros


I'm lost in cold and i'm so lonely. I need to find a place to warm.
Through the darkest night of november, I walk in the woods all alone.
I see some kind of temple. I'm curious to take a look around.
I think i am one kind of discoverer. I can't believe what i have found!

I entered to the temple of doom, I was guided by the moon.
So here i am, what should i do?

I knew that I would find the purpose of planet earth.
We are only test subjects to our god.
Our destiny was to...

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Doom Metal

Nightmare (T.P.V.) 04.02.2014


Uuden "The temple of doom" demon Ensimmäinen raita.

Kiitoksia Chardhrosille äänitysavusta
Drums by: Chardhros


I offer you my hand, grab it if you dare.
Let me show you way to my nightmare.
You will never be the same that you were.
I swear hell is nothing compared to my mind, in my dreams you're getting nowhere.

Inside my head. there's no way out!
Inside mark's head. Here i rule!

rats and bats and little spiders always,
makes me feel how small you really are.
In my dreams there are somewhere doorways.
But i can change their location anytime. yeah!

My dear little twisted...

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Denial 03.02.2014


uutta balladi musaa :)


Heart grows cold while i grow older. Childhood is gone for good.
There is only the memories. But they'll fade in their own dimension.
I never understood. I was so fool. Why did i let them go away?

We are fighting for our lives, while we deny everything that we are living for.

Why we push away all the love that we could have for ourselves.
WHy should i love if i don't know how? You are my best friend.
I should marry you now but i'm unsure what we'd do for the rest of our lifes.

Tell me how much do you love me? Would you die for me if i'm in danger?


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Alternative Rock

Book Of Revelation (Chapter 22) 01.10.2013



We can find new way, to live our life in peace.
There'll be better days. No more killers and thieves.
Mom, i love you so. I hope that you still love me?
I can't let you go. I need you, can't you see?

Fools are those who cannot see, tomorrows still unknown.
You can not change yesterday. tomorrow can be the end of our days?
You may never know?

People have their gods, but which god is the right one?
i know this sounds harsh, but maybe there are none?
superstitious minds. witches, wizards, werewolves.
Even santa claus was invented by the fools.

i'm the one who can see, tomorrows...

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Teenage Life 01.10.2013



she was a sweetest girl in the world, but she couldn't handle herself.
all her friends called her princess. her soul was pure and intense.

she didn't know, which way to go. she was sixteen. adults life ahead.
She had so many dreams. she was older than it seemed.
But she was just a child, to me.

she was so small and the world was so big, but she didn't seem to care.
she was boys biggest fantasy. but she didn't want to lose her virginity.

One day she will see that world is too real. then she wants to drown,
in her own fantasies.
it is so cruel, but what else can you do? we all...

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Heavy Metal

Something In the Night 26.08.2013



Autumn's coming and trees are dying.
Cold wind blows and leaves are flying down.
To the ground.
There's a magic all around me.
Darkness surrounds me without a sound.

Life keeps changing day by day. But some things never change.

There is something in the night.
When the moon is only light.
The stars are shining and owls are flying.
and everything is right.
There is magic in the night.
You can feel it all the time.
When the streets are silent. my heart is blinded,
by the beauty of the night.

Winter is coming when the snow is falling.
Days are shorter and air is cold as sin....

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U&ME 26.08.2013


Oli luppo aikaa..! :D

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Progressive Rock

Dreamin' 14.08.2013


Artistry will overflow :D

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Heavy Metal

Esmeralda 02.08.2013



You took me deep into your heart of fire.
Conclusion of our destination is taking me higher.
Your beauty and your confidence, i admire.
The angels kneel in front of you. They fulfill your desires.

Esmeralda, goddess of love. You are the queen of humanity.
You are mine. I am yours.

God is nothing compared to you.
I'm at your service I will give you everything you need.
There is no one, who doesn't worship you.
Men and women, if they see you. They'll forget their greed.
Esmeralda, Princess of light. You are the queen of humanity.
I am yours.

Esmeralda, goddness of love....

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Hard Rock

Sorry Re-Make 14.08.2013


Re-make versio instrumentteineen päivineen :) Enjoy!

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Progressive Metal

Exhausted 12.03.2013


Yet another Apocalyptic song


Everything's falling apart. judgement day is delayed.
This darkness deep in my heart, makes me feel only hate.
the year was 2012, We waited mankind's end.
But we didn't kill ourselves. I still live in this hell.
That we call earth!

I am exhausted, but i am afraid to kill myself.
I never knew, that i could feel so much pain.
The air is polluted and it gets weaker everyday.
corrupted and cruel, that is society today.
All the way!

Somehow i just can't let go of these precious things that i love.
There is one thing that i know. the mayans were all...

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Doomed To Walk Alone 08.03.2013



She led me into her world. My life was finally good.
But it was a devastating turn. Now I see the truth.
Every sentence and every word, was insulting and wrong.
Then i drove out of her world and i wrote this song.

Tell me please how, i can share my world with you?
Show me the way, so then i know what to do.
My heart is strong, but i've been alone too long.
Forgive me babe, i'm doomed to walk alone.
Without love.

Filled with hatred, out of love. Why did this happen again?
Weak as sand, thin as a straw. I can't be the same.
I can't save me from myself, my thoughts are part of me....

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Heavy Metal

This Journey PT.VI (Death) 18.02.2013



There she lies, with smile on her face.
Everyone is looking for her, without any traces.
Unborn baby child inside of her. well well..
I'm not so sure but so i've heard.
Farewell my love, melinda.
It's getting cold here, I have to go.
I need to finish this journey so I can be.. with you forever.

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Mark's Heart 05.02.2013


Surullisen kaunis totuus.


All the things I've done, all the fights with my friends.
Should've left undone in the end.
I fell in love again, it happens to me all the time.
Every single day in my life.

Hearts torn apart. Memories are so true.
They leave their mark, in you.
Inside my heart and inside my mind,
there is too dark. No signs of light.

I saw a dream, i was lonely in love.
Forget! It was real, but now she's gone.
I know that this world is out of control.
Morality has blurred, So i've heared.

Love is gone, hatred came instead.
All I've ever done, means nothing in the...

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Sorry 23.01.2013


Jotain todella kaunista


I like to say i'm sorry. It was too much to ask.
If i'd only knew you better. Behind from that mask.
I hoped, it could be simple, but it was far from it.
Now i'm all alone and i feel like shit.

After all that's happened. I'm just an empty echo,
in the dark. Without a spark.
I wish that you're happy and that you'll find a man,
who fills your heart.

I might find a woman, some sunny day.
Sooner or later, i'm on my feet again.
I'm not so sure about it, but i'm trying to believe.
Cos' if i drown in sorrow, i will never going to be free...

I wish i could...

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This Journey PT.V (Re-Born) 23.11.2012


Sanat / Lyrics:

Wake up in the morgue, i feeel like thorwing up.
It's so cold in here, i gotta find my clothes.
Large slit around my neck. What was i thinking?
Killing myself because of one lousy bitch.

Now i must go, back to my home.
I'm going to dig the grave.
for the girl who made me her slave.

I went back to the market hall. Trying to find is she still there?
Hanging around with her stupid friends.
Catch the fish, well there she is. How did it ended like this?
Lurking in the dark like a beast.

I don't mind, if i lose my mind.
I just want to hear her cry,
in the grave where she...

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What's Wrong With Me 18.01.2013



Tomorrow, is another day, i'll be okay. but not today.
Because, i hurt myself and my relatives with empty promises.
I'm trying the best i can, but it's not enough. She wants more.
I think that it's my fault, but it's not so. She plays her part.

Don't you see it's only me? I'm not the knight of your dreams.
I am real. touch me so you can feel.

Love is a mystery. I think it's fantasy but never real.
Truth is just a lie, covered in white. Some sort of blight.
The words are only tools used by fools. Like me and you.
Decisions with no solution. Just one conclusion life is illusion....

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Heavy Metal

The Point Of No Return 23.11.2012


This is real heavy metal!

Sanat / lyrics:

Here i am, with my trembling hands.
I am running for my life beacuse, Planet earth is at its end.
We got what we deserved and it means the end of the world.

This is the point of no return. This is what we earn.
NO one can save our souls. You know how it goes.
We are facing our destruction, it's the price of our actions.
natural reaction. The judgement day is coming.

long before, the climate began to warm.
We used all natural resources. Now it's too late to start to hesitate.
All you ever loved is totally blown off.

This is the point of no...

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Alternative Rock

Frustration Song 31.08.2012


Huumori musiikkia syrjäkylästä...!

Every morning i drink some coffee and i smoke few cigarettes.
Waiting for someone to turn my whole world upside down.
I'm an alcoholic and i know, that someday my liver explodes.
But I don't want to go to rehab, no no NO!

Everytime I try to get things right. I lose self control inside.
Every day is another fight. I think i'm losing my mind.

All the people just pisses me off. I really don't care who they are.
and what they want from me? Why can't you just leave me be?
Smoking drinking crying sleeping. Trying to stop thinking.
I wanna drift away. I...

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Hold Me Tonight 23.08.2012


NEW NEW! Uutta uutta!!!

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Love Will Never Die 07.06.2012



Suddenly, i found a way to get over you. Now i know, i will get over you.
Life is too short to live in grief. I take a deep breath and i start to live.

I'm going to move alone, until i find this angel of mine.
I pray that the love isn't gone. I believe i'll find the sign,
That love will never die..

I'm here alone, singing this song. Softly now, then high and low.
I begin to feel sensitivity to increase. And i can feel the tears on my face.

it's kind of funny, i know. When your heart is crying and she's only lying.
Just leave her! and find your true love. I believe there is...

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A Man Who Needs Love 18.05.2012


Uusi balladi

Sanat / Lyrics:

1. I wake up every morning, all alone.
Love is calling, but i'm scared to the bone.
I'm shy and loving is scary. It feels like i'm falling.
Deeper into the thoughts of myself!

I'm not a stranger, I'm just a man who needs love.
Where are you my angel? I' don't want to be alone.

2. Love is a moment of gold.
It's more than just illusion. Then your heart is sold.
Love is fair and bold. You have to be straight,
lies are not part of love.

I'm not a stranger, I'm just a man who needs love.
Where are you my angel? I' don't want to be alone.

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Life Is Just A Lie 05.04.2012


Vuodatusten vuodatusta...

Life as we knew it is gone. We are trapped in this zoo.
All we've ever done, Has been useless to everyone.
Untrue promises to earn trust. We're living in sin and lust.
Dreams will be crushed, it is a debt that we have to pay.

It's all just a lie. life is worthless. only time is on my mind.

Why should i care if i had a love affair?
I would be only afraid of losing a special friend.
I know i should take the risk. Is it worth it? i don't know.
Time can only show, am i just a pathetic worm?

Life is just a lie. I am worthless. Like all of my kind.

I am just one...

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Hard Rock

Nacido En La Muerte 23.03.2012


We are all running blind, trying to find a piece of light.
In this gloomy world. Our souls are blurred.
Stealing from innocent. Sleeping place is a park bench.
It's all so fucking wrong! What happens in this world. I know..
Lightning strikes your heart. But your heart doesn't stop.
It's a miracle, to survive from such a thing.
If we could live another life or just change our past,
what would you change? And how it affects your future then?

I'm just trying to face, this sinful place.
I'm trying to avoid all evil ways.
I'm trying to be as human was planned to be.

Another melody to...

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Folk Rock

Daa Daa Daa 16.03.2012


Keksitty mökillä metsän siimeksessä in the middle of nowhere, far away from sivistys :P

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Power Metal

Warriors Of The North 01.03.2012


Marching through the winter night.
Guided by the stars in the sky.
The battle of life is not lost.
We are ready to die.
We will fight for our kingdom.
We fight! Until we all die.

War horns echo through the field.
Fighting with swords and shields.
The only task is to kill.
We force them to retreat back into the hills.
We're not afraid, we just want to be free.

We don't need your tyrants,
we don't want your gold.
We don't need your sympathy,
we just want our own victory!

Freedom is the word what i mean.
We don't want no slavery.
I ain't gonna kneel to your kings.
We are the...

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Words From My Heart 27.02.2012


Back against the wall.
Listening the ticking of the clock.
Another day goes by.
Giving my autograph.
I see the line of people but,
my hand is too tired to write.
I can't be myself, i'm too famous
and people want me to be someone else.
How some fool like me,
can get as much money as you can ever spend.

Life is too short, life is too long.
We are here on our own.
Time goes faster the older you get.
So soon you will be dead.

Life in africa is everyday survival,
while we waste water like time.
Think once, no think twice!
Are you really grateful that you're still alive?
I want to be...

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Psychedelic Rock

Trapped In Dreams 20.02.2012


Puoli huumorilla nauhoitettu kappale xD

They found me in my dream. I just couldn't hide.
I moved with the stream. so deep and wide.
Blue sky turns to grey. water turns to blood.
Life is nightmare and dreams are fantasy.

I was walking in the woods. In the darkest night.
I was too scared to move, I couldn't find any light.
Then i saw some light, shimmering in the night.
But they were the ones who wanted me to die.
So i ran away. Deeper in the woods.

Schizophrenia, an endless phobia.
So who is inside of me? Can i ever be free?
Is this just a dream? Or Is this real me?
Am i even alive? Is...

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Progressive Rock

Operation: Throat Cutting 14.02.2012


Every day i sink, in childhood memories.
My mind is eternally insane.
But i don't complain.
We pass each other everyday.
But we have nothing to say.
Although you're beautiful. Perhaps you're no fool.

But i'm so sick and tired to live my life.
I don't care at all. I just want to die.

I'm not sad, i'm just frustrated,
with everything what happens inside my mind.
I just want to be myself, instead of someone else.
This is hell, i know it too well.

Every day i die, away from reality.
And what is insanity? I know,
i am getting out of point.
All the time i lie to myself.
That everything is...

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Life Poetry 14.02.2012


Just a pile of ideas..

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Psychedelic Rock

The Circle Of Life 23.01.2012


2012! Made in five hours, music, lyrics, recorded and mixed. ENJOY! : )

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Pull Me Closer 03.02.2012



We walked through the park.
We were talking about love.
We wandered around the city lights.
You and i together through the night.
We were right. Our love will never die.
Still i wonder, how we get thru?
all the hard times, that we may have,
on the way? Someday..

Pull me closer, hear my heart beating faster for you.
You know i love you. Only you, and it's true. I need you.
If you want it, i'll give you the moon and the stars,
from the sky, as long as you are mine.
Tonight, i am kind, i'll be home. My love.

You touched me and i felt the chills
going through my body.
I held you...

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Life Is Like A Dream 30.01.2012



I know who i am, but i'm not quite sure who is inside of me?
I can see the birds fly. I can feel the wind and hear it breathe.
I know deep inside that i am only part of this plan.
After the rain i can see a rainbow, Sometimes life is full of ups and downs.

I can feel your breath, on my skin.
Sometimes life is like a dream.
I think that love is promises and beautiful words.
And sometimes love just hurts. us all.

We know sometimes life is simple. But there are days when everything goes wrong.
I give you one example: when you try to write good love song. But it won't work.
I just...

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Hatred, Love Song & Happy Ending 20.01.2012



I live inside your heart and i live inside your mind.
You can't avoid my touch, you can run but you can't hide.
Glory is my name. And i am, quite insane.
You can blame it on me. If your heart stops beating.

Feel my hunger! I love to live to die.

We have no solutions or cures for this hatred in our minds.
Life is just another way to die.
It's planted in our brains and it runs through our veins.
It is something that will always remain.

It's just what you really are, but there's another side, called love.
You can use your heart and decide which side you want?
We just want the truth...

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Hard Rock

Dark Christmas Night 24.12.2011



I was wandering through the cold christmas night.
The snow was so pure and white.
And the moon reflects the light, from the sky.
Nothern lights fluttered in the sky.
It made me wonder why we must die?
But this perfect view here, is mine tonight.

Shivery wind blew on my face.
It's very cold during these winter days.
Sometimes i want to stay at home. Safe and warm.
Sitting in the candlelight.
Watching through the window.
This must be the darkest night of my life.

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Heavy Metal

Sickness Of Mankind 30.12.2011


This planet is rough and polluted.
Our judgement day is near.
There is no more time to refuse it.
but i don't care and i don't fear.
I watch this blood red sky.
And i see how the sun shuts down.
No hope for humankind!
Eight minutes left, better start to count... now..

Blame the gods, or blame yourself.
It doesn't matter, because no one cares.
There's no use to pray anymore.
We're all doomed that's for sure.
Can you feel the cold wind blowing?
Can you feel the panic growing?
You don't know where to run to?
because there's nothing you can do. anymore..

There's a thin line between love...

-   0 374 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

AAA (All Alone Again) 25.11.2011


Uusinta uutta piano musaa!

-   0 376 kuuntelua

Going Home 24.11.2011


Nauhoitettu/miksattu 2h plaaplaa... :D

I saw the white light,
then i saw my life as film. Deep within.
All the good things that i did. And all my sins.
first it felt cold, but now i feel so warm.
I just want to go, home!
I know that they'll miss me.
They would like to keep me.
But i have to let go!
I might sound selfish.
But that's the way it goes.
You'll know at the time,
when it's your turn to go.

Im' going home, i'm going home!
I feel so small, when i walk through the door.
i see the heaven's gates. I'm coming home.

Your heart is full,
when it's filled with love.
Then your life...

-   0 320 kuuntelua

Memories Remain (Forever) 03.11.2011


Nauhoitettu ja miksattu 4 tunnissa, saattaa kuulostaa ehkä vähän kököltä! :D


If i close my eyes i see, memories of you.
You were in love with me.
You loved me, kissed me..
You taught me all about love.
And a little bit more.
I was so sold when you looked at me
with your blue eyes.
Oh girl, you gave me love.

But autumn was so cold.
Our love was at the end of the road.
The reason why, I still don't know.
You left me but you couldn't tell me WHY?
We failed, Was it something i did?
Or something i said? Wrong.. Again.

Every day i missed you more, like a sin.
Take me back in...

-   0 313 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Shades Of Insanity 24.08.2011


"My Journey" Demon ensimmäinen raita..

-   0 357 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Our Destination (Destroy The Atmosphere) 25.08.2011


"My World Demon 2. Raita

World war three was just a scary dream,
but now that all is real.
Now the madness rules the world,
no peace, not even love.

Anarchic chaos surrounds us all.
Where is our god? Where is he gone?
If you don't know what is hell?
I can tell, this is it.

It all started, when the oil ran out.
It was year two thousand sixty-nine.
And the very next day, something strange happened.
The atmosphere had begun to crack.

Coldness of space, began to flow,
to every corner in the world.
But now it's too late,
this is something what we can't bate.

We have lost control, the whole...

-   0 337 kuuntelua
Power Metal

This Journey 12.01.2011


2011 Vuoden FR demon aloitus kappale (sisältää myös intro kappaleen schizophrenia)

Intro: My heart beats fast, and i sweat a lot.
My mind has been broken, into pieces.
Spriders on the wall, they look at me.
They crawled into my mind and poisoned my brains.

Chorus: This Journey, will be my last, our lifetime, gone so fast.
i can't feel, no emotions, this is my, revolution.

Verse: Religion and science, they are all the same, They can put thoughts into your brain, don't listen what they say....

8.5   2 517 kuuntelua

This Journey Pt. III (Reincarnation) 26.08.2011


"My World" Demon 4. Raita

I curse this journey, it never ends.
I hate my way of life. I just want to die!
War and hatred, peace and love.
Policy changes, all the time.

This journey!!! etc etc.

This journey, rips my heart out.
I scream, high and loud.
Hey satan you can't beat me.
And you "my god" just keep on dreaming..

-   0 348 kuuntelua
Hard Rock

The Best Is Yet To Come 25.08.2011


"My World" Demon (Bonus Track)

-   0 346 kuuntelua

World Peace Hymn 19.08.2011


Hmm.. Maailman rauhalle omistettu kappale, ihan tulee tippa lisiin :')

-   0 306 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

I Wanna Give U All My Love 09.05.2011


Stars were shining bright, when you held me in your arms.
Safe and warm, it just felt so right.
Through the darkest night, i tried to find a glimmer of light.
You took my hand, and then we ran into the light.

Please don't let go, I can't live without your love.
And the sun will rise again someday soon.
I just can't find the words, to make you understand.
So i hope that you still know how much i..
Love you babe all the way say it again
I love you babe all the way and i hope you feel the same.

And i need you to understand, that i wanna give you all the love.
that i got in here, here inside...

-   0 391 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Warriors of Heavy Metal! 02.02.2011


We are the warriors and heavy metal is the law!! \m/ (- -) \m/

9   0 380 kuuntelua
Folk Rock

Thoughts 28.01.2011


Miettikääpä sitä niillä teidän pikkuruisilla aivoilla.. : )

-   0 452 kuuntelua

My World 09.05.2011


Kiitokset Niklas Ottelin:ille Miksaus ja äänitys avusta!

-   0 336 kuuntelua
Hard Rock

Release my Heart 12.01.2011


2011 Vuoden FR demo projektin toinen raita.

It was dark and stormy night, lightning struck and thunder roared.
i was sitting on my chair, i thought crazy thoughts inside my head.
Then i stood up and i said, Should i stay or walk away.
you were lying on our bed, are you alive or are you dead.

Please release my heart, before you, tear it apart.
Even you are my love, i do not know who you are?

I try to make contact on you, but you just push me away.
It doesn't matter what i say, Because you don't even care.
You have your life and i have mine, we should still have a common time.
there were...

-   2 354 kuuntelua
Space Rock

Final Revelation 08.01.2011


2011 vuoden FR demo projektin lopetus kappale..

Sometimes i'm not quite sure who i am inside? i'm always uncertain of all things.
constantly prepared for the worst, think first. hand on my heart telling you the truth.

Sailing away from everyday life, drop in the rain yes i'm falling down.. i'm falling down..
i'm falling down.. yes down!

All my dreams are crushed and washed away, mayday! lunatic so my psychatrist says.
radioactive nuclear waste, is my head? my final revelation is coming to an end.

i found new way, since yesterday, i have to stop to write this song, right away.. now...

-   0 333 kuuntelua
Classic Rock

Opposite of reality (life) 17.09.2010


Uutta matskua 2010 vuodelta.

-   0 1354 kuuntelua
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