Angelic Orbs Game Music 31.10.2014


A collage of in-game soundtrack snippets made for the Visual Novel "Angelic Orbs". The single sections are played sequentially here, but are actually looped in the game. The sections are:
1. Battle music "Epic Horns"
2. Sad music "Glass Organ"
3. Small battle music "Busuki"
4. Danger/suspense music "Ominous Woods"
5. Calm background music "Townstroll"
6. Alternative normal background music
7. Special Zyra music "Black Wings"

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Angelic Orbs Opening Title 20.06.2010


Opening title for the freeware game/Visual novel "Angelic Orbs". The opening video can be found on YouTube (, and the game itself is downloadable at

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Thereminvasion 20.06.2010


Endless loop background music featuring an emulated Theremin. This was going to be used for a battle minigame in a Ren'Py demo ( The project in the end never got made, but since the music was already done I'll post it here.

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Leading The Way 20.06.2010


This song is slightly different from the others, being a a quick contribution to a work that might not see the light of day for a while. I only lent my voice for this one. Lyrics are by Cheryl Itou, and the backing track is a royalty-free BGM by Akiyama Hirokazu at H/Mix (

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Illusions (Rock version) 06.12.2007


Background music (endless loop) for the demo game "The Question" included in the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine package (

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Illusions (Piano version) 06.12.2007


Piano version of the song above (endless loop), originally planned to be the background music for the demo game "The Question".

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Go! Magical Boy (Instrumental) 12.11.2005


Instrumental background music for the Visual Novel "Go! Magical Boy" (published in March 2006). This recording is not representative for the actual in-game music, because the game engine plays segments of the music (of 4-8 seconds each) in a varying order, depending on the game situation. This made composing the parts a bit tricky, since the segments must fit to each other and be flexible enough to be played in a different order. There are three main themes in this collage, call them "Slow Pace", "Happy Times", and "Ominous Feeling" if you like.

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Long Road 28.03.2007


Disturbing background music (meant to be played as an endless loop) for the short Visual Novel "Colorless Day",

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Piano Bar 28.03.2007


Slow piano music (meant to be played as an endless loop) for the short Visual Novel "Colorless Day",

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Go Boy! (Vocal Closing Title) 11.11.2005


The closing song for the Visual Novel "Go! Magical Boy" (published in March 2006), based on the background instrumental part (see above). The length is 1:39 to fit the closing titles.

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