Poop Dilan: Better Than Me

Better Than Me (2018-2019)

I'm not well equipped
I look puny when I'm stripped
I am tender
but the girls can see
just that playboy, a stronger lover
much better than me.

Wish I had the face of Ken
Arnold's muscles everywhere
and looked like John downstairs.
I want to build my body
from head to toe
I want all my parts to grow.
But can I ever be
better than me?

I like to play with words
I'm not ashamed to be a nerd
I'm an artist
but the web can't see
there are singers and manly players
much better than me.

Wish I had...

I have pumped up my doll
she won't grumble that I'm small
I'm still able
but my crush won't see
behind a brickwall of younger cuties
much better than me.

Wish I had...

Botox to my lips
hormones, proteins
silicone to my butt
engineering my genes
a natural loser
or a phony
by all means?

Ooh aah I wanna sweat for you
in out I do do do! (I still do!)