Poop Dilan: Because Of You

Because Of You (2017)

I'm not afraid to show them
the bond we have is real
the misfits can appeal
the world can despise
but I won't apologize.

Days in your glow
drew a shadow
I have lost old friends
because of you
nights in your arms
awoke the demons
I've got new enemies
because of you
but I don't regret
love we do.

They said I should not play with you
they frightened me in dreadful ways
but I'm prepared for their blaze
they can batter me
but they can't break my loyalty.


My firm fist is stronger than their hate
it has more patience than the
vengeful who wait
it stands much longer than
their brittle ties
it has more faith than those
who moralize.

but I still defend
love we do