Syvis & Friends: The Gift Of Life

The Gift Of Life (2017)

Only once you receive the gift of life wrapped up
only once you can feel the excitement of a pup
you've been built with love and caring for the play
to endure much longer than a toy that is shortly thrown away.

You are not a barbie, perfection in brochures
you've been handcrafted, incomplete, real but immature
a brittle doll asking you to love her with all your thoughts and heart
to remember to thank for the gift of cosmic art.

You arrive here without your personal guide book
parents teach their own ways sad days to overlook
we’ll bring forth the historic message of Yule
maybe we’ll get some answers at the lifelong school.

The chocolate box of life contains a few tasty treats filled with happiness.

You are born to dwell in this small unfinished ark
you may not get used to suffering, the cold of the dark
still you can feel the warming sun, a star above the stall
the green of a tree and the beauty of the sparkling life in all.

Through the telescope of life
you will understand
you are a crumb among the stars
but unique and special.

You can now sink into the wondrous world of the book of life.