Poop Dilan: Never Dream Of Dying

After martinis
you have her in bed
You may be a bright mind
but your end lies ahead
blinded by beauty
you won't see the threat:
an angel of a villain
a deadly brunette.
When it comes to women
your instincts betray
you are not the hunter
you are the prey.

You wouldn't be an agent, just a fool man
if you wished to die in her arms tonight
only your blood flooding on the divan
or your tears pouring down for the siren in white.
Never act like an amateur
harden your heart, don't fall for her
refrain yourself from crying
never dream of dying.

You may find a sweet girl with
love in her eyes
admire her dimples,
tattooed butterflies
if you consider taking
her as your wife
you are writing a full stop
to the tale of her life.
She is your soft spot,
the target of fate
your enemies attack,
they won't hesitate.

You wouldn't...

Never act like an amateur...

Don't make friends with anyone
trust only in your loyal gun
treat every girl as a danger zone
never start a family of your own.