Poop Dilan: Breeze

Through an open window
uninvited, you came in
breathed on the cold
cinders in the stove
unexpected warmth
told I was not that old.

You blew through my heart
didn't expect that day to come
cautious, in ice
you saw how I was callow and dumb.
Now I am flooding
lost rivers are revived
the desert flowers blossom
after your warm breeze arrived.

Was it just a visit
an impulsive graceful whim
on the winter skin
did I push you away
or are you just a
free spirit wind.

You blew...

I don't want to witness
these flowers fade again
they are now exposed
one more night alone
and the petals of hope are
forever closed.

You blew...

The window's still unlatched
will you come a second time
will I hear once more
rustling on the porch
and your whispering toes
mincing on the floor.

You blew...

Now it feels arctic inside
but if I closed the window
I wouldn't hear if you called my name
I could turn up the heating
but it wouldn't feel the same
as your gentle breeze.