Syvis & Friends: Not That Good

You can say that I'm sweet and cute
but I can read on your lips:
good but 'not that good'
I don't fit in your resume
I'm not made of Chardonnay
but I can be a different taste
every day.

Today I chose my own course
didn't follow yours,
I was free to open avoided doors
to challenge myself and principles in
pre-made scores.
I've been wrong, hurt
and often misunderstood
but I've fought through rocks
to rise above 'not that good'.

I don't play by the mainstream book
and if I don't sell my soul
I'll be still 'not that good'
I may not fit into your mold
or bring you silver and gold
but I can tell my unyielding tale
that's honest and bold.



I felt not accepted
I was not that kind you could coerce,
'not that good'
because I was diverse.
But I didn't have to meet expectation of anyone
I could walk candidly
like I had won.