Xerona Mistress: Brainspoon

There's a device planted in my brain
And I think it's got the best of me
My brainsircuits are malfunctioning
Mania is visible beyond belief
Please mr. Doctor tell me can I get better
Moods jump, I'm over the top
If feel so dumb and bitter

"Please don't put me into an insitution"

I need a spoon
I need a brainspoon
I need a spoon
"I need a brainspoon to take it away"

Please Mister Doctor tell me now,
Am I going crazy somehow?
I take pills every morning,
To make me stop the mourning
Now my state seems very depressed,
I hate myself and all the rest
Of you who point at me,
"Look at him he's a raving looney"

Crack in my brain
Makes me go insane
Shadows over me
Crack in my brain
My brain feels just like dust
Shadows watching over me