Poop Dilan: 2017

fifty-year walk now behind
thoughts never resting
in my mouldering mind
but I have a job, savings and
I'm not yet blind.

Why should I hide what I am
those who are touchy are ready to slam
but I can let the dogs yap
I won't lower myself to their crap.

From a romantic dreamer
to a cynical reaper
an introvert thinker
a child without a keeper.

puzzles and art spark this stray
I don't bow down to idols
I don't follow the norms of the play
I'm free from packs
I still go my lonely way.

I have now a light on my stroll
she gives me comfort and food for my soul
I can see where I'm going
even when I don't know what's my goal.

From a ...

Never shared my life, I'm still single
in my pants the same old tingle
music's my partner
conceived more than half thousand songs
and I keep on writing another jingle.

From a ...