Syvis & Friends: Don't Wake Up The Monster

Move silently, sneak, watch your step
don't cross the line between virtue and vice
don't take risks, don't be venturesome
if you can't pay the price.

We don't have the willpower
to harness the roaring might
we are not prepared
to see the beast alight
when it's hard to say no
to the thrills of the night
just don't wake up the monster
until the time is right.

Speak quietly, don't test your luck with
the 'loudest whisper ever' paradox
and even the passion in our words
can open Pandora's box.


Danger lurked in the wilderness
outside the safe and decent track
when we took a step on the foul path
we knew there wasn't coming back.

Too much too soon, not once a tiny pet
we should have raised it in a sheltered nest
before we opened the gates of bliss
where it’s now a savage guest.