Syvis & Friends: Just For One Day

Why am I doing this to myself?
Why do I keep coming here once again?
Stuck in routines in this bad job
I keep on turning this tedious knob.

Cut my chains, shake me babe
just for one day
show me there's another world
no barriers blocking on the way.
like playful cubs
let's fool around
make me feel
like I'm not bound
just for one day
then back to my old life
back to decay
but a smile on my face.

Why am I doing this to myself?
why am I bending to your will again?
stuck in your grip in this wedlock
from breakfast to bedtime I live by your clock.


Let's defy the laws and God's will
just for one day out of standstill
life rollercoaster up and downhill
on our glory day.
Through the walls, the blaze of fire
unrestrained rising higher
"no contracts" sings an angel choir
just for one day
for one day.

Why am I doing this to myself?
why am I hooked again and again?
stuck like an addict in bad habits
junk food and booze no means to quit.