Syvis & Friends: The Hiding Place

The lake was bright and tranquil
when the summer came
among the vivid dragonflies
we made love without a shame.
Sunsets on the secret porch
crickets singing through the nights
mosquitoes on your naked skin
affection healed their bites.

Only you I've ever brought
to this hiding place
no-one ever knew about
our sweet embrace.
Now my memories are purged
even you can't find a trace
I'm the keeper of the embers
at the hiding place.

You had to leave the cabin
when the autumn came
you fell into your backup arms
to cease the dreamy game.
Alone to shun the coming ghosts
of the prison of my past
no safety net to save my soul
just a veil to cast.

Only you...

Icicles on gutters
when the winter came
frozen windows hid the view
once there caught a flame.
I chose calmness over flare
kept the fire out of sight
decades buried burning thoughts
concealed my appetite.

Only you...

A glimpse of an oil lamp
the worn face of a tramp
footprints on a trail
a hidden chapter starts a new tale.