Syvis & Friends: Zest For Life

Where have you been
for all these years
didn't see you on the ski slope
didn't hear your happy cheers.
I searched through my memories
from the fairgrounds to the football fields
I flipped through my photo albums
was there flame behind your shields?

I lived a steady life
where nothing hurt
comfort hushed the luring sounds
but I am ready now
to let zest give many ups and downs
(zest gives many ups and downs x 2)

Where have you been
since you settled in fear
did you try to live a void life
without a single tear?
I hired a private eye
he studied many flimsy clues
the only good trace he found was
one vague pathetic excuse.

didn't know how to advance
didn't see the sparkle at first glance
but just by a happy chance
I've run into someone I've been.

What have you done
since you started to wane
have you met with any dangers
have you tasted real pain?
You told you walked in the shades
from depression to a hazy peak
you said you traversed the jungles
to catch fool's gold in a creek.

I removed your burden of past
I cut your shackles of doubt at last
freed the true enthusiast
welcome back here the zest of my life.