Syvis & Friends: The Unforgettable Night

The night was hot
that's why we got
more than enough to drink.
Swiping plastic
so orgastic
we just let it sink.
All was well
when we left the base
the same old story, hangover case.
The terrace closed
we crawled around
somehow the hotel was not found.

Found ourselves
in the rabbit hole
It surely freed my tortured soul.
I hurt my head
on the concrete bed
tender purring, no words were said
Fallen angels
a daring kiss
squeezed into the sinful bliss.
Knuckles with blood
your broken tooth
maybe my touch was not so smooth.

We can barely remember
what or where was our goal
still backtracking the path
to our rabbit hole.
white lies for those who might ask
the truth will stay behind the mask
I guess we will never know
but it must have been a hell of a rodeo.

The purse was lost
by the motorway
later an Arab saved the day.
Rolling down
in the grass
a story written on my ass.
Shambling streets
seven miles
two adults drunk like juveniles.
Bruises tell
the strangest tale
eye-witnessed by a nightingale.


(Abducted by the UFOs
or delirium, god only knows)


We are filling the blanks
where the mind wasn't bright
isn't it ironic
we call it the unforgettable night.