Syvis & Friends: The Greatest Pop of All

Through the clouds
filled with helium
through the unknown
Voyager glides,
space citizens like us
living by the stardust highway
hear this magic melody.

Mellowing the tough guys
a song even a punk must croon
catchier than modern jazz
pretentious to enchant
prog fans on the
dark side of the Moon.

I've been humming
the world's simplest pop tune
sacredly touching
it has made me swoon.
God has sown this hymn of the blessed ones
let all your prejudices fall
find it in your heart
there's the greatest pop of all.

Sailors adrift
on an endless sea
stuck on the snow top of K2
Divers in the Mariana trench
these chords still strike in their hearts.

Widows seeking for comfort
singles having a broken heart
what if they could join their hands
lifted by the
anthem strong enough to
pull the seas apart.


Not a praise of the Highness
but a fanfare for the smallest ones
who fumble through thorny lives
without sweet solace
they deserve to hear this
gentle chant of nuns.