Syvis & Friends: Comfort

I have seen your prison cell
but don't have tools to cut your ropes
you have seen the freedom I have
but I don't want to awake any false hopes
you need to find your way out
you can do it, no doubt
but if you get lost
I'll be there healing wings of your dreams.

I can't build you a home in the woods
I can't give you a life in a rich neighborhood
can't get you a speed boat, or a fancy car
I can't take you to Venus or Mars
but I can give you a glimpse of the stars
chords from my heart
I can give you comfort.

You told me about your grief
I've tried my best to empathize
but I can't be the savior you need
it took me too long to realize.
Just find a moment, time to mourn
find the reason for each thorn
and when you get up
I'll be there spreading balm to your wounds.


If you feel lonely in the middle of the crowd
or if you feel cast-off under a rainy cloud
if you still want to meet me at the coffee bar
I let you be the center star.