Syvis & Friends: You Made The Tide Turn

How could you know, there's a new world growing in me
I'm anchored by your words, I'm caged but I don't want a release.
How could you know, your sailor eyes have hypnotized me
you unnerve me, but I don't want to find inner peace.

When you left I waited in the wintery port
I couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't feel
drifted on a soulless raft in a frosty stream.
One evening by the Galway Lighthouse a kiss woke me up
from this bad dream you made the tide turn
you rescued me with your guiding beam.

How could you know, there's a long path of history
I'm the child of my roots, that I want to cut off to be right with you.
How could you know, fathers of this island have taught me the norms
but you are the only virtue I'll ever want to pursue.



Follow my creek, be its lasting thread
don't let me sink into dark waters
propose to me under Kerry Mountains
give your breath to our daughters.
Fill up my sails with completeness
build on the rock of my devotion
climb with me to the cliffs of Moher
my love is the size of the ocean.