Syvis & Friends: A New Page

I walked blindfolded, couldn't see what
I was looking for
to be drawn.
I was a poet stuck in-between chapters
couldn't find right way right day to move on.
You have to act when you get a chance
don't wait until the final dance
your turn is over before you realize
forget what ifs and improvise.

You turned a new page in my life
you opened my eyes to see
a whole new virgin scene right in front of me.
You gave me colors to paint the view
beautiful and unique to my art
on the blank canvas of my heart.

My mind was aging in the sunset
thought I couldn't feel
a rousing breeze
but sometimes life catches you by surprise
gives a strange opportunity
for you to seize.
Don't hesitate to take a leap
to feel euphoria in deep
no more regret for choices of your past
nothing here is meant to last.


Leaned on the wind
embraced the lift of air
you were there for a while
with one starry night to share.
I made a song
wrote a poem
drew a flower
cast shallow things aside
didn't waste an hour.

You gave me words for my songline
the path across the fate of mine
I didn't need any signs to choose my track
I went ahead and didn't look back.