Syvis & Friends: Myths of the Raging Seas

Misty was the morning when
she heard the call of
the legend her mother told
two brothers, seven ships
sailing to new worlds brave and bold
dreaming of wealth
fights alongside the king
through the beast attack
a ghost came back.

No heroes returning,
no treasures, no souvenirs
only the echoes of yearning
only losses and their fears.

Deirdre was a dainty girl
with white hair
all princes wanted to marry her
but she wanted to fight
to be a soldier like her brothers were
with her sword to defy
the myths of the raging seas
in a ruthless breeze.


Mother could never hold her tears
as Deirdre left for the oceans
she knew it would cause the evil to rise
but she could not restrain her emotions
she tried to hide her sorrow
and gave her daughter advice
for there wouldn’t be tomorrow
if ghost of the sea hears her cries

"Keep your silence,
don’t show fear to the beast
for nothing will come back
that's been swallowed by the seas"

The kingdom sleeps in misery
silence descended
back on the troubled shores
a mother in grief
losing her dear ones in those wars
she curses the gods,
the monsters of seas
she sets the sail
to join the tale.