Syvis & Friends: Law Of Attraction

You have to believe in yourself
you need to be the starlet of your show
the goal is to glow like Saint Lucia
now it's time for you to know.

you have to ascend from the shades
you need to be a candle in the night
the path is to ask what portrays your soul
diamonds that cast your inner light.

Learn the power in the law of attraction
feel the universe, its energies within
desire the life you really wish to have
and your dreams shall come shining in.

You have to believe in yourself
strive for the skyline, don't dwell in what is gone
to win is to bring positivity
feel the golden crown of the sun.


You have to emerge from the grief
you need to be a prism spreading joy
the high is to smile, then your heart receives
the spirit no-one can destroy.


The law of attraction
The law of attraction
know, ask and feel
learn to be
open to receive.