Syvis & Friends: Lonely Days Of Destiny

Lonely days of destiny
cheerless days that no-one hears about
days that are all akin
old does not end
and new does not begin.
Lonely days of destiny
that could be the title of my song
filled with thousand cliched rhymes
that have been used 5 million times
no phrases strong,
no leaps for the mankind
just verses boring and long.

They say the fortune
is written in stardust
you can read my life
in the brown ink of rust
these lonely days are unjust.

Lonely days of destiny
pointless days that no-one reads about
grey has just one shade
the future's not built
and history's not made.
Lonely days of destiny
that could be the title of my book
filled with thousand empty lines
without the spark of Frankenstein
a lifeless look of a
frustrated reader
a story, no catch, no hook.

They say...

When finding a friend is uncertain goldmining
you can't share the cloud with a nice silver lining
then pick up your pencil and earn from your misery
moments in losers' days of destiny
just like me.

They say...
these lonely days: rich and just.