Syvis & Friends: Wine Red

Sunset colored in wine red
you spread your arms at the bow
you wanted to fly that
was your vow.

Friday at your cabin bed
purring, about to woo
but this mute kind cat was just
not enough for you.

Draining tears are red wine
I get drunk from the sorrow of mine
craving the fuel of oblivion
the sea has calmed its might
no companion, pilot, guide
I am drifting no land in sight.

Wine red was the gentle glow
perhaps painted by your groom
saw it on your cheeks
in the morning of your bloom.

You had filled my drink bowl
one toast for your sleight
it was the final showing
to veil the sinful night.

Draining tears...

Body's the ship of my soul
I sink it to the numbness in veins
sailing by the drink of the gods
my own stream coated in pain.

Draining tears...

The heart of the storm wine red, scratches in the bed
only for a moment the cat let out the thirsty beast
the ship deck is wine red, a body, bleeding head
only scraps of broken glass observed the end of feast.