Syvis & Friends: What I Miss About You

What I Miss About You (2008-2010)

A blackbird singing outside
the pond unbroken fragile
the courtship is seductive
in a dream we are
walking down the aisle.
In reality I can't hurry love
effusive eagerness for flare
it is dangerous walking on thin ice
I should not taste a dawning pear.

What I miss about you
is the spark
when we kissed
at the heavenly hills.
I can never forget about you
how you got excited over
few little thrills
the last waltz hurts on repeat.

A car is waiting outside
you have packed your bookshelves
you have torn the signs down
all the wallpaper
that we picked ourselves.
Praying is futile I can't drag out love
I can't stop the train of mind
can't put back the water of a broken dam
life has no fast forward or rewind.

What I miss...

In eternity
between the rising and falling
between the waiting and longing
for a fraction of a second
we met pure hearted
no abstaining
like never departed
like never departed.

What I miss...