Fractured Spine: Dead to Me

You can burn
but you cannot swallow
This world of mine
you made so hollow

On your trail
I will not follow
I pray for you
there's no tomorrow

Afraid you were
Caged in your fright

I was there for you
Holding you tight

On my trail now
none will follow

I pray that you
are gone tomorrow

And now you're...
dead to me
You devil
I've seen through your disguise
Dead to Me

You nearly burned me down
nearly broke my trust
on everyone around me
Forget you I must

You nearly burned me down
truly broke my trust
on those around
Forget you I must

It's you
who uses everyone around you
Then wonders
why you're getting hurt

Now I see you always
look for something new
Did you find it?
Of course you did
But why is it
that I'm still burning?