Zomby Woof: Toxin Refinery

Toxin Refinery

Your mouth's moving
Sick expression
Poison drooling
Empty question

The word full of promises
And you havent even started yet
You're stranger to yourself
A mindless war

Your laughter creeping
Though no one is here
I know what you're doing
Keep it to yourself
to yourself

For all the secrets you have
Stashing through the end
There's no other like eachother
Both of us reflect

And so you took my world
And took it all to hell
You're waiting for your sentence
'Till the end

I wait for you
Your hate for me is a matter of belief
And in poisoned world
there's nothing to believe

Refined toxins
a factory of sins
Old blind machinery
Green fascist of hate

Our race, here for your call
Sheep to command, control
An agency of frankenstein
Your world is mine, mine

You're tangled in conspiracy