Zomby Woof: Galaxina (horrible vocal demo test 2009-2010)

- Galaxina -

Galaxina, a laser of love

She's a temptress, you know, She have found your weakness
She's a witch from the space, Her uncountable ways to
fight the galactic crime

You know, this nebula vampire
You'd go, as far as starlight gleam
For a secret kiss that'l freeze you heart
From space queen - Galaxina
A laser of love, Galaxina

She was trapped in the ice
In a tesla coil forest
Gravity wells and alien shells
A sculpture from another world

Black sapphire sky, diamond stars
I stretch out my greedy arms
staring into those million suns
To the eyes of... Galaxina
A laser of love, Galaxina

Be careful if lying
The mysteries unfold before your eyes
Dangers beside her
You're off with the Witch..
..Of desire!