Zomby Woof: Vicky Vietnam the Rock Opera (2010-2016)

A pulse forgotten of Summoning stone, rune of life
Hearts of fair ladies and crowns of fools
Vein of river, bones of old gods grind to dust
Prayers of millenniums, aeons o' despair

(tässä kohtaa improvisoitu säe... jotai it stains his mind blah blah moon light tms..)

Soft falls the veil of twilight dusk,
The blushing sun has turned to rust
The troops align in ragged rows
Along the twisting ridge, around

They gulp their dinner from a can,
The cold grease curdles with the ham
Packed so many years ago
Briefly blooms a muffled glow

Were of to ancient vietnam baby,
to find some dragons here
It rises from its earth-bound lair
To graze upon the cool night air