Zomby Woof: Dragonskull


Burning fuel and flames
Aeroplanes moaning overhead
They're writing on the sky above
The message Are We Dead

Lives are filled with emptiness
Of dying culture's waste
On the gates of babylon
Our future is erased

The little spark I used to see
Behind your tired eyes
Extinguished by black leather gloves
of black dystopian lies

In the tomb of rock and roll
the snake has paradise
And lying in the coffin
A good advice

A man looks me from the mirror
Instead the face he had
I see a look that shivers me
It's tired, hurt, and sad

You abandoned the words of Jesus
So you pay for what is free
For plastic Gods and Idols
You must turn the other cheek

See the judgment on the highway
Like in black & white movie reel
Made in German driver
Vagon made of new world's steel

Oh driver take me back a hundred years
This coffee makes me sick
Opium soaked pale chinese girls
I'm legend of a second hand

In the tomb of rock and roll
Our heroes play tonight
Remembering the ancient days
Of (OHOh laulajalta unohtu sanat) Sangria and Wine

Only ship that I could captain
Is by now a scuttled wreck
And standing on the shoulders

Flicker of lights on the airport runway
Innocent rat on the wet L61
Hundred tons of steel on the final approach

Together we'll run from the fallout ash
And hide our faces down in grave
It doesn't sound so bad