Zomby Woof: Dire Wolves Dance

Marching of Legions and Masters of War
There are few to have honor to witness their fall
Pack of the predators bound by the gods
Wolves in the throne room and beast above all

Where I have heard that howl before
It's ancient darkened call
Like the strongest winter storm
I can't resist no more

The blood I'm sorry for
Have stained my soul once more
Now I'm free from the chains I wore (Tjaa, kuulosti ihan ku 'chainsaw war')
By a Legacy written in stone

The sickening trance of dire wolves dance
Amber eyes, the half moon horns
Twisting your blind spellbound mind
Planets aligned and pieces combined
Amber eyes

In the dark of the night do you see what I see
Do you learn from the dead of their long history
A mind without conciousness free from the sin
Winter coat outside a beast within (Oho, ja ilman autotunea, yllätyin :D No, onhan bluesia tullu ennenkin laulettua, jääny vaikutteita heh)