Katya: The Pain

It's all fading away, day by day.
It's all fading away.

She is dying I can see it.
What the fuck you said
Are you bleeding? Are you?
You don't have to tell me lies
My darling. I can see the pain
Though you say your ok again.

You held me close to your heart
Untill it stopped the beating.
Until you stopped breathing
And my heart stopped the feeling.
I knew it was over a long time ago
But I just couldn't let go of pretending can you see it?
When you got no one,
You settle for anyone.
Settle for any kind of beating
And it's wack to think that that
Is the reason to forgive.
Forgive me but I just can't stop the pain.

My mind is all messed up.
Could you believe it
After all of those endless hours sitting in front of you?
Looking like nothing could break me please don't hate me now,
When I tell you that somehow you you make me sick.
Loving me, loving me way too much.
I got no ways to love you back.
So I decided to break you, it's much easier to hate you than
Being able to feel something real.
Ou something real.

Ou fly there she flies in the sky and
I wanna go with her and die with her
So sweetly. Die with me. Die.
Hold my hand let's go together
Let's forget together everything we wanted to have,
Turned into ash in those hands where the pain just won't stop.