Hate Revelation: When Deadly Coldness Arrives

Grumbling trough snow and ice
absent look in his eyes
Cries of pain in the wind
drill trough his skull but not outside in

Escaping from himself
from a freefall to Hell
Distortion comes out clean
insanity as it's meant to be

Stars like thousands of eyes
look down from the sky and see his demise
Fate has rolled his dice
it doesn't matter to him if someone lives or dies
Moon rising high to the sky
shining haunting gloom on those still alive
Alone in the coldness of the night
winds freezing blow is the end of his life

Blood gushing on the floor from your wounds
You are screaming for your life but you're doomed
Soon the cold overcomes
You are lying on the floor you can't move
You realize the horrifying truth
Soon will death overcome

He falls onto his knees
screaming to the sky as life flees
His heart no longer beats
but he can still hear the fucking screams