Jaxx Mistah Wodou: Respect

aint it a hell of a sayin without your word u just a shell of a man
lose yo trust and do your all just to gain it again
man u cant stay in the game what u expect if u dont gimme some
the thing is vice verca i am gonna give u none
its one of the signs sometimes it is all u got
without it aint no stoppin of how low u drop
so better guard it hard listen fore u start to talk
if u got gas then u get more than just a lighter spark
and though the time is hard no use to cross the line
cuz we can all start grabbin all them fos and nines
so i'll be watching all the notes and signs oh why
cuz yall tossin mo lies and mo colder smiles
but we cant forget, its still actions not the words thats said
cuz bullshit will make the wrong effect
without it may even being worse than dead, its like a deadly curse thats spread and u know its all about respect

its all about one thing yo
its all about that thing yo
its all about one thing yo
its all about respect respect